Sassy Hardwick is a boutique furniture company thoughtfully and cleverly giving vintage pieces an entirely new unique finish and lease of life.


We only re-design 12 vintage pieces a year, so we can truly call our furniture unique! 


No two cabinets are the same and many have a fascinating provenance,  such as finding a 70 year old letter or newspaper cuttings from 1964 and travel documents from Boston dated 1901! All of these finds are used somewhere in the finish.


We work closely with our clients and customers to ensure an unusual and striking cabinet.


For more information or to chat about a prospective commission please feel free to get in touch








If you're looking for contemporary furniture our sister company Appel & Hardwick design and create bespoke furniture.


Still not what you're looking for? Check out Bardoe and Appel for made to order furniture from our European suppliers.