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A little bit about me

I'm a contemporary figurative & abstract artist based in the UK with a background in photography and design but I discovered my skill for painting during lockdown. I'd splashed a bit of paint on canvas over the years but had never painted anything seriously however with absolutely no distractions I became completely consumed and within a couple of weeks I had 10 paintings, after a friend suggested I put them on social media, to my delight I began selling with my first painting going to Washington (thank you Instagram) and I decided on a career change there and then, I haven't looked back since and am now a full-time artist.


large body of my work is horses and equestrian themed but I paint whatever I feel like which so far has resulted in a mixture of figurative and abstract paintings.

I've developed a style especially in my equine portraits as I tend to work with a minimal colour palette, uncomplicated backgrounds, and usually on a large scale and although the paintings are sometimes restrained there's always a hint of wildness and spirit in the horse's expression which I can contribute to the first time I saw Stubbs Whistlejacket many years ago that resonated and has influenced my horses.


I mainly work in oils and acrylics with some mixed media but cant wait to discover new techniques so who knows how my work will evolve.


My work sells worldwide and I'm represented in California by Una Malan.

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